God, are you kidding me?

God, are you kidding me?
Life can sometimes feel like an endless rollercoaster of thrilling highs, followed by blindsiding lows.

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If you’ve ever just stared in disbelief at your misfortune, or found yourself one step closer to madness confronted with a situation you have no idea how to start unraveling, then congratulations – you are a normal woman and a human being!

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Truth is often stranger than fiction, and in the dynamic amusement park of our lives, we are all going to be challenged and pushed to our limits as God helps us to explore who we are – and grow as a woman.

In God, Are You Kidding Me? author Silvia Perez Arvelo has created a devotional which explores real-life stories with honesty and a down-to-earth style that will have women nodding their head with a wry smile of familiarity in recognizing parallels in their own lives.

Each story includes reflection points that encourage deeper thought and reflection on the situation – and the spiritual lessons that can be derived from even the toughest of times.

This is an uplifting, occasionally hilarious, yet always inspiring book dedicated to women around the world trying to live their best life. Behind its stories lies a simple message: God is here, and he is helping you to grow and transform through good times and bad.



What do others think?

I know this devotional will speak to you, in a real, down-to-earth way that is characteristic of Silvia, and also enrich your walk with the Lord.
— Maria Gonzalez, Founder of Graceful Order
God, are you kidding me? gives us a digestible process to be real with ourselves while inviting God into the messy places of our heart.
— Charlena Ortiz, Founder of Grit & Virtue
Encouragement for the not so easy everyday life.
— Wendy Bello, Author of Una Mujer Sabia